Canadian Flag Boot Stirrup


Harley Davidson // Canadian Flag Boot Stirrup - Part #: 77599

Faarken Biker Stirrups allow you to enjoy the freedom the road without the burden of having your pants legs constantly blow up. Just clip them onto the bottom of your pant leg, and the elastic strap fits underneath
your healed boots or shoes. Cool from head to toe!

Faarken, Inc. Biker Stirrups are handcrafted in the USA using the finest components available.

The conchos are first copper plated and then nickel plated to prevent rust and keep their shine and luster. The straps are made of a durable, elastic material and includes a metal Triglide adjuster to fit every size.

Our stirrups will last many riding seasons if your bike is equipped with floorboards. Pegs tend to prematurely wear and abrade the elastic strap. Our Faarken Biker Stirrups are not intended for bikes with pegs and we cannot offer our standard warranty.

If you wear your pants according to your inseam, you will find that our Faarken, Inc. Biker Stirrups not only look great while riding, but you’ll want to wear them when you’re just hanging out.

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