Winged Logo Headwrap - Gray

$18.88 $30.58

Harley Davidson Women's Winged Logo Headwrap - Gray 99445-18VW.

Our Winged Logo Headwrap is made from soft jersey that won't pull or get caught in your hair. For a classic touch, we've embellished it with embroidered and flocked graphics. Our female fans can wear this motorcycle headscarf in two ways: 1) headband, 2) unfolded as a headscarf. Helmet hairstyles have never looked so good.

 Materials: 65% polyester, 35% rayon jersey (CONFIRM - SAMPLE SAYS 100% cotton jersey) with elastic band.
 Design Details: Can be worn as a headband or unfolded to be worn as a headwrap.
 Graphics: Embroidered and flocked graphics.
 Closure: One size fits most.

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